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J.R. Hatcher: A Champion for TBI Awareness


Author and Advocate

J.R. Hatcher, writing under the pen name TBI Guy, is an inspiring figure who combines humor, resilience, and education in his work. Let’s explore his journey:


The TBI Guy Series: “Rakin Grandiflora Magnolia Leaves”

  • J.R. Hatcher’s debut title, “Rakin Grandiflora Magnolia Leaves,” is part of a humorous series for children. The books provide a unique perspective on life as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor.
  • Through relatable day-to-day moments, the series educates both parents and children about the challenges of maintaining a normal life after a brain injury.
  • Each reader gains insight into the experiences of family members, friends, or associates who are also TBI survivors.


Personal Experience and Advocacy

  • As a TBI survivor himself, J.R. Hatcher understands the realities of living with disabilities. His personal story enriches his advocacy work.
  • His titles cater to both children and adults. The children’s books focus on the everyday life of brain-insult survivors, emphasizing empathy and understanding.
  • Despite a remarkable recovery, J.R.'s post-TBI life still reveals the idiosyncrasies of brain injury. Onlookers sometimes misjudge his abilities, highlighting the need for awareness and education.


Beyond Writing

  • J.R. Hatcher wears multiple hats. He is not only an author but also a Certified Personal Trainer.
  • His commitment to physical fitness aligns with his advocacy for brain injury awareness.
  • Additionally, he is working toward becoming a coach and actively participates in speaking engagements at book events.


A Bright Future

J.R. Hatcher currently resides in metropolitan Washington DC, accompanied by his two long-haired chihuahuas. He collaborates with co-author A.L. Brooks on his fifth title, and first adult release, continuing to inspire and educate through his writing and advocacy efforts. 

TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Raking Grandiflora Magnolia Leaves

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